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2014 Programs and Society Information

Town Hall Community Room - All meetings will be held in the Community Room

Free to all - Light Refreshments Served



Wednesday March  5, 2014 at 7 PM

Note: Enter the side door (Elevator) due to ice on the back entrance

Award to WWII veterans Gil McCord & George Lowe


· In 1880 there wee 70 children working in the New York Knife Company

· In 1890 there were 167 children working Walden factories

· By 1913 there were only 33 children between the ages of 14-16 working in the Walden factories


St Patricks Day March 23

· Water for the marathon runners and walkers - Looking for volunteers

· DuBois House will be open from 8 AM until after the Parade in Wallkill

· Membership Drive

· Tours of the House


Wednesday April  2, 2014 at 6-8 PM

· OPEN HOUSE at the DuBois House

· Tours of the 1769 House built by Andries DuBois

· Future programs and Workshops

· Display of School House Room

· Display of Selected collections of historic items—Paintings, Borden Map and lots more

· 50-50 Drawing

· Refreshments with Wine & Cheese

· Membership drive—bring a friend that might be interested in joining


Monday May 5, 2014 at 7 PM in Gardiner Town Hall


History of the Reservoirs – Frank Almquist

·     Chronicle of building the New York City’s water supply system

·     Construction of the reservoirs, aqueducts and tunnels that provide the New York City with potable water.

·     Leaks in the New York City Aqueduct

·     Regional towns to find alternative supplies

Open to the public. No charge to attend. Refreshments served.


Wednesday: June 4, 2014 at 6-8 PM

* The annual June picnic will be on the lawn of the Terwilliger House in Gardiner, NY.

* Location: Locust Lawn, Two miles North of Modena at 436 South Route 32, Gardiner, NY.

* Bring a dish   to pass with a serving utensil

* Bring your own plate and silverware.

*Chairs, tables and Beverages will be provided.


* Program - History of the Terwiliger House


* Optional Program: Tour of the Hasbrouck House

·         Members will be able to tour the adjacent Hasbrouck House.  

·         Please sign up to reserve your tour with an email to wolffd@nycap.rr.com.  

·         The tour will cost $10.  Join us in supporting and collaborating with other historical sites in the area


* Open to the public. No charge to attend.

Saturday: June 21, 2014 at 10 AM to Noon at the Andries DuBois House at 75 Wallkill Ave, Wallkill, NY

Workshops for building and assembling:

*  Birdhouses - Wood

All materials provided for several different designs.

Materials will be cut to size at the workshop by Historical Society Personnel

Participant will assemble bird house - Hammer and nails

Children must be accompanied and assisted by an adult

$30 and the participant gets to take it home

Planters - Cement

All materials provided for several different designs.

Materials will be mixed and poured into the molds by the participant

Participant will remove the planter from the mold and add finishing touches

Children must be accompanied by an adult

$30 and the participant gets to take it home

NOTE: Workshops have a limited number of participants and are required to pre-register. Registration is either at the DuBois House any Saturday 10 AM to Noon or Contact Freda Fenn 845-895-3986 to reserve a workshop.

  • bbuilding planters

Saturday: June 28, 2014 at  9 AM to 4 PM
Art & GardenTour

* Tour will include 6 Local Gardens and one Art Exhibit

* Self-Guided Tour of the locations at your own pace and order

* Pick up tour information & map the day of the tour at the DuBois House at 75 Wallkill Ave, Wallkill, NY

* Tickets:  $15 for pre-paid   and $20 purchased the day of the tour

* Tickets can be purchased at the DuBois House any Saturday from 10 AM to Noon or from Freda Fenn 845-895-3986

* Rain or Shine

Call Freda Fenn for more information  845-8953986

Future Programs

* Tea—TBD


President - Debra Wolff

Vice President - Libby Ross

Recording Secretary - Doris Callan

Corresponding Secretary - Mary Lou Van Aken

Treasurer - Bob Mooney

Membership Dues for 2012:

$10 - Student
$20 - Individual
$30 - Family
$50 - Business
$50 - Supporting *
$100 - Patron *
$200 - Benefactor *

* Will be recognized in our newsletter


Member Phone
Doris Callan 744-2552
Carolyn Crowell 895-3933
Freda Fenn 895-3986
Carol LeFevre 255-6468
Jim Malloy 892-2212
Bob Mooney 895-3188
Libby Ross 895-3049
Adam Sellig 315-402-8838
Harold Van Aken 895-3321
Alan White 270-5346
Debra Wolff 518-207-5207


Editorial Staff

Libby Ross

Bob Mooney

Freda Fenn

Doris Callan

Standing Committees

Programs and Education - Freda Fenn

Fund Raising - Trustees

Membership - Bob Mooney

Publicity - Harold Van Aken

Restoration / Building Maintenance - Bob Mooney

Archives and Collections
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Publications - Libby Ross


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