Collection # Collection Name     Collection Date     Location   Collection Source  
  20.1 DuBoisGarageCabinet 6/1/2019 Military soldiers Photos from the 1950's   DuBois Garage Cabinet  
  ID Item Name Type Date Image Description Value Status Location Comments  
  20.1.0 Soldier photos Photos 1950's   Photos discovered in the DuBois House Garage in the back of a filing cabinet     DuBois House Collection    
  20.1.01 Frank Rogers       Army Uniform - Signed to Ollie with lots of love Frankie          
  20.1.02 James Van Leuvan   7/12/1953 Army uniform          
  20.1.03 chauncey MorehousC     Sailer Uniform          
  20.1.04 Charlie Lawson     Sailor Uniform          
  20.1.05 Buster John Roach     Sailor Uniform          
  20.1.06 Nile Sonny Quick     Army Photo          
  20.1.07 Oliver Stuhmer     Taken May 30, 1952          
  20.1.08       This is part of my crew. Me, Harris Parette & James Shatzle.Thatís a B-29          
  20.1.09       Do I look like a real hero?This is a Jap plane called the "Tony"          
  20.1.10 Nile Quick     Sailor Uniform - Nile Jr.          
  20.1.11 Oliver Stuhmer