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September 7, 2023


SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

*Tuesday 6 PM [BOD 5 PM]

* Location HSSG Meeting Hall at 5 Main St, Wallkill 12589 (formerly Knight Hall)

*President, minutes, Treasurer
*DuBois House Projects: Storage Room, Roof Replacement, Grants and donations for Roof Replacement
*HSSG Members Field Trip – D&H Museum High Falls – FREE
  September 16, 2023 - Saturday 9 AM
  Private Presentation for HSSG Members – History of the D&H Canal – Bill Merchant
*Refreshments – Free to all

Presentation - Life in England during WW2 from the Perspective of a Child Freda Fenn

*Royal Family History
*The Bombing of London – 1939             Evacuation of Children from London

London ww2 bomb damage hi-res stock photography and images ...  A map of the country

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Text Box: On September 1, 1939 at the age of 5, along with my sister Doreen and many other children, I was evacuated from London. With my knapsack on my back and my gasmask I left Ilford train station and headed to a small village named Stowmarket. - Freda

A group of children standing together

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*My Story of leaving my parents and living with strangers that became my family for 6 years


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