One-Room Schools


Elaine Weed

This information and pictures came from the book "One-Room Schools of the Town of Shawangunk  1800-1943" that can be purchased from the Shawangunk Historical Society or the Wallkill Library.

 Early School House of Shawangunk

Schooling was established early in the town. At first, the schools existed in connection with the Reformed Churches of Shawangunk and New Hurley. It was as much the duty of the pastors of theses churches to instruct the young in rudiments of a worldly education as it was to perform the part of a religious teacher.
Subsequently, schools were organized by the precinct and town and became part of the municipal enterprise of the time. Unfortunately, all traces of earliest schools have passed.
The Commissioner's appointment list of 1879 shows that there are thirteen school districts in the Town of Shawangunk, having an attendance of 996 children between the ages of five and twenty one years of age. The average attendance was 302.
The Town of Shawangunk fared better than other towns in providing education for the youth of the area at an early date, due to it being settled by the Dutch and French Huguenots who believed children should be educated. Some of the boys were sent to private schools. If parents did not have financial resources, their children were taught by a person in the area who had the ability to teach. The local minister was often this person. During the period 1700 through 1850, the church provided the education, the laws and spiritual values.

The History of Town of Shawangunk stated that a school existed near Bruynswick between 1730 and 1740.
By 1875, the Township of Shawangunk was divided into thirteen school districts. These schools were placed in the district for the convenience of the families.  -  Elaine Weed

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1st Wallkill School - 18302nd Wallkill School - 18703rd Wallkill School - Bridge Street - 1900-19224the Wallkill School  1922-  Middle School now