The Annual Christmas Shoppe at the Andries DuBois House
a popular holiday tradition has been cancelled this year!

Why?  Rumor has it that when Santa visited the house a few weeks ago to stock the shelves with lots of goodies, he saw the condition of the chimneys and became alarmed.  Fearing he would do further damage during his descent, he got into his sleigh and left with his reindeer – leaving the cupboards bare in the Christmas Shoppe.

What to do?  The Building and Grounds Committee sprang immediately into action, to develop a plan to rebuild the chimneys and repair the roof.  It’s too late for this year’s Christmas Shoppe, but 2011 is just around the corner!

We can do this next year, but we need your help!!  Repairing the chimneys and the roof are essential to creating a safe and waterproof environment for exhibits like the “One-Room Schoolhouse” and others that preserve our local history.  (Rumor also has it that the “One-Room Schoolhouse” exhibit may be ready for early Summer 2011 provided we can get the chimney and roof work well underway!)  We will be seeking grants and other public funding, but your generous donations will get the work started and provide the necessary match for some of these grants.  You’ve come through for us before to help us purchase and preserve the Andries DuBois House ... please help us again!

Please use the coupon below and send your donation to:  Historical Society of Shawangunk & Gardiner, PO Box 570, Wallkill, NY  12589-0570.  THANK YOU!!

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I want to help rebuild the chimneys and repair the roof at the Andries DuBois House. 
Enclosed is my donation in the amount of __________.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________    State / Zip Code:  _________________________


The Historical Society of Shawangunk & Gardiner is a 501(c)3 corporation.  Your donation is fully tax deductible.

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