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Historical Society of Shawangunk & Gardiner

2019 Programs and Society Information


Most meetings will be held in the Historica Society Meeting Hall at 5 Main Street, Wallkill, NY
(Knights of Pythias Metting Hall)

Free to all - Light Refreshments Served

2019 Spring Programs


Event: Annual Shawangunk Historical Society Lawn Picnic

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 @ 6 PM

Location: Historic Andries DuBois House 1769 – Lawn (or inside if raining)

                75 Wallkill Ave, Wallkill NY 12589


The Historical Society of Shawangunk & Gardner will present the History of the Park View Hotel with pictures and information about the 1870 building built by Albert Perrine. The building was a General Store, drug store, bakery, hotel, bar and other types of business. If you have pictures, stories or information about the Parkview hotel/bar, bring it to share with others.

 Tour the 1769 Andries DuBois House if you missed it last December Holiday Party

 Bring a dish to share:

Drinks Provided (soda, coffee & Wine)

Plates, silverware and cups provided

Free to all – kid friendly

For more information contact: Harold Van Aken 845-895-3321




May 1, 2019 Wednesday 7 PM – 5 Main Street, Wallkill     
Meeting and Slide Presentation:

The Evolution of  the “BASIN”   Why did the Hamlet of Wallkill change from a mud hole called the ‘Basin’ on the  Plank Road to the largest population and government center of Shawangunk. There were several towns that were larger and had more people and businesses: Ulsterville, Galeville, Brunswick  
What industries and people spurred the growth from sparse farmland to the population and government center?

Some of the factors were the Bruyn Turnpike,  farming, sawmill, grist mill, water power, paper mill, hat factory and the railroad.
The longest lasting industry is hydropower that is sill in use today and will be shown in the presentation by the 32-year owners Harry & Sarah Terbush.

Wednesday April 3, 2019



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Presentation: Where Slavery Died Hard – Ulster County

Meeting:  – Wednesday  April 3, 2019  @  7 PM

Location: Historical Society Meeting Hall (Knights of Pythias Hall) at 5 Main Street in Wallkill 12589

The Historical Society of Shawangunk & Gardner will present the award-winning documentary video:
 “Where Slavery Died Hard: The Forgotten History of Ulster County and the Shawangunk Mountain Region.”

Produced by the Cragsmoor Historical Society and co-authored by archaeologists/historical preservation consultants Wendy E. Harris and Arnold Pickman.

The video is a reconsideration of the area’s slaveholding past, a history beginning in the mid-1600s and extending over 160 years, until ended by an act of the state legislature in the 1820s.

The focus is on Ulster County and its rural hinterlands, with special emphasis upon the Town of Shawangunk and the Town of Wawarsing.

The experiences of both enslaved and enslavers are featured as well as visual evidence of their lives and labors, still surviving in the present-day landscape.

The information presented draws upon primary documents, archaeological fieldwork, surveys of local historic architecture, as well as the insights of contemporary scholars and researchers. It has received awards from both the Greater Hudson Heritage Network and the Museum Association of New York. In bestowing their award, the latter described the video as “engaging and revelatory” and “…takes an impressive step towards telling difficult stories.”

Archaeologist and Historical Preservationist Wendy Harris will be attending to present and answer questions.


Free to all – light refreshments provided

For more information contact: Harold Van Aken 845-895-3321







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