DuBois House Activity

Work has started on restoring the DuBois House every Saturday from 10AM to noon. The house will be open and anyone is welcome to come and explore (or work) on the house.


1. Trim the bushes in front of the house and to the side - done

2. Cut the small trees next to the North building - done

3. Remove the 1929 flooring to expose the wide boards - done

4. Trim and clean-up the flower garden to the South - in progress

5. Clean and oil the wide-board floors - in progress

6. Setup and repair the desks & chairs for the schoolhouse room

7. Replace the gutters and supports for front and back - major project $$$

8. Fix roof - TBD

9. Setup a display room of maps, clothing, furniture, tools and other items from the past - TBD


Freda working the garden


Al, Bob, Bob, Freda  trimming the old prickly rosebush

1929 floor removed to show to original wide pine boards


Mystery of the short replaced boards in front of the fireplace. Maybe a fire and they but out the burned spot.

Christmas Room where the Schoolhouse will be setup


Old kitchen where artifacts are stored



Dining room used for construction storage

1929 oak narrow board flooring removed to show newer wide boards. May not be pine

Searching for artifacts from the dirt removed next to the stone foundation