Historical Society Shawangunk & Gardiner

The Historical Society has an extensive collection of historical items such as photos, knickknacks, toys, furniture, clothing and many other items.

It is planned to fill the DuBois house with the collections as soon as repairs are done to the house. It will be open to the public starting the Spring/Summer of 2012 with limited access.

The various collections have been cataloged with documentation and photos of the items that can be viewed online.


  • Stewart Crowell - Photos, documents from Addison Crowell and Gail Borden

  • Vera Seeley - Pictures from the Knights of Pythias

  • Freda - Various Items of clothing, photos, furniture and documents

  • Pythias - Furniture, pictures and other items from the Wallkill Pythias Organization when it was closed last Fall

  • Bob - Various items collected over the years

  • Harold - Just a start of combining the collection

  • SP Collection - Collection that came from the basement of the town Hall and stored at the sewer plant  NEW 

  • Jim Decker Album - Pictures around and in Wallkill

  • Helen Lyons

  • Al - To be done

  • Toni - Done

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