Collection # Collection Name     Collection Date     Location   Collection Source
  4 HSSG Events 1994 1994 Previous Collection of events,photos and old DuBois House pictures Collection Room Freda Fenn Photos of Events
  ID Item Name Type Date Image Description  Value  Status Location Comments
  4.1 Photos of Edith and Coro DuBois in front of duBois House Photos circa 1940's   Background of pictures is the South side of the DuBois House        
  4.1.01 Photo infront of White wall Photo  
A copy of a photo of Edith DuBois Powell        
  4.1.02 Photo infront od window Photo   A copy of a photo of Cora DuBois Rogers.
Front porch is visible to the right of the DuBois House
  4.2.01 Small greeting Card With Dove Arfifact     A blank small greetinng card, with the words 'Devoted to you' in the mouth of the dove.        
  4.2.02 Card No. 504 artifact     A small card with flowers, a dove, and a picture of a sail boat on it. On the inside it reads 'Card No 504. Fancy Colored Edge. 12 for 10 cts.'        
  4.2.03 "An offering of true love" artifact     A very small card with the words 'An offering of true love' printed on the front. On the inside it reads 'Our Leaders, 20 for 10 cts.'        
  4.20.4 A blssing Dove artifact     A small card with the words 'may every blessing God can give you Bring peace around you while you live!' placed by a dove, and on the inside, 'Royal Beauty, 20 Cents per Doz.'        
  4.2.05 Faithful Dove artifact     A smallmcard with the words 'faithful and true.' being held in the mouth of a dove. On the inside it says 'style 16. 12 gor 20c. Holly Card Works. Meriden, Conn.'        
  4.2.06 Card No. 505 artifact     A card with the words 'Friendship increases your happiness!' beside a dove, and 'Card No. 505. Fancy Beveled Edge. 12 for 15 cts        
  4.3 Photos from DuBois House photos circa 1880's            
  4.3.01 Small Photo of a young women Photo  
Photo is of Rachel Webb, she is posing beside a curtain for a Portrait by Hopper.        
  4.3.02 Older Women Smiling Photo   Photo is of an unidentified women who sits for a portrait, wearing a black dress and white bonnet.        
  4.3.03 Small child in chair Photo   A young girl poses for a portrait in a chair, she has  a white dress on and her hair is pulled back. The photo was taken by J. E. Biddle in Poughkeepsie NY.        
  4.3.04 Small matted portrait Photo   A young girl has posed wearing all black with her hair down. Then photo was taken at Wood's Gem Gallery in Albany NY.        
  4.3.05 Portrait of a man on tin Photo   A man poses for a portrait wearing a black suit. The photo was printed on tin.         
  4.3.06 Second small matted portrait Photo   This portrait is of the same women from 4.3.2. She poses again in a similar outfit and the photo was taken at Abbott in Albany NY.        
  4.3.07 Photo of a baby Photo   A toddler sits in a small chair for a portrait.        
  4.3.08 Women poses by chair Photo   Mrs. Mark Ross poses beside a chair, she is wearing a victoian light colored gown with her hair pulled back.        
  4.3.09 A young boy Photo   George Traphagar poses for a portrait wearing a suit. The photo was taken by Slee Bro's in Poughkeepsie NY.        
  4.3.10 Medium portrait of Dubois Photo   A portrait of Lewis Dubois.        
  04.3.11 C.W. Morse photo Photo   A mounted photo of 9 men wearing C.W. Morse uniforms.        
  04.3.12 Portrait of a women Photo   a portrait of a young women smiling. She wears a light colored dress, and has her hair pulled back and waved. Photo looks to be from the 20's and was taken at the Smith Studio in Walden NY        
  04.3.13 Young girl outside Photo   A photo of a young girl posing in the yard. Printed at the Smith Studio.        
  04.3.14 portrait if a women Photo   A women poses for a portrait wearing a light dress and pearls. Photo was taken by Fredrick A Smith in Poughkeepsie NY.        
  04.3.15 Edith Dubois as a baby Photo   A portrait taken of baby Edith by H.L. Schultz in New Paltz NY.        
  04.3.16 Edith Dubois as a toddler Photo   A portrait taken of Edith as a toddler by H.L. Schultz in New Paltz NY.        
  4.4.01 A deed to property in Wallkill Document   A deed to property formilly belonginh to L. b. Deyo. The deed is between May F. Cazalet and her husband and Ella G. Phinney.        
  4.4.02 A Christmas poem Document   A poem written by Betty Usticke called 'Caroline's Christmas Party'. It is about the death of a father and baby brother.        
  4.5.01 The December Kodakery magazine   This is the December 1927 issue of "Kodakery a Magazine for Amateur Photographers". On page 25 there is a photo of Olive Borden.        
  4.5.02 the October Kodakery magazine   This the october 1927 issue of "Kodakery a Magazine for Amateur Photographers". This was a magazine published by Thomas Edison's Eastman Kodak Company.        
  4.5.03 Big Reductions' magazine     This is the Charles William Stores catelog of discounted items.        
  4.6 Letters between Borden Company and Ken Hasbrouck                
  4.6.01 A thank you from Mr. Ewen Letter 20-Jan-56
This is a typed letter from William H. Ewen to Kenneth Hasbrouck, thanking him for helping the Borden Company perserve it's history.        
  4.6.02 A thank you from Mr. Comfort Letter Feb 28 1956 This is a typed letter from Harold W. Comfort (Then president of the Borden Company) to Kenneth Hasbrouk, also thanking him for his help and sending him a 250 dollar check (no copy of check included in collection).        
  4.6.03 Mr. Hasbrouck replies Letter March 10 1956 Kenneth Hasbrouck's typed response to Mr. Comforts letter and check. He expresses his love for the borden family in the letter.        
  4.6.04 A letter from Mr. Frantz Letter June 8 1956 A typed letter from Joe B. Frantz to Kenneth Hasbrouck requesting more information on the Borden Company.        
  4.7.01 Van Kurin House          A postcard from Ellenville NY Letter July 10 1964
A postcard written in Ellenville and sent to relatives in Brooklyn NY. Given to the society by Elizabeth McMenemon.  Van Kurin House in New Prospect Photo      Van Kurin House in New Prospect Photo            
  4.7.02 HSSG House Tour Photos